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Why I'm a sucker for PRP (aka The Vampire Facial)!

By Heather Despard | April 2, 2016

Hi all!  So you know that I am fairly new to the aesthetic world.  In March I had the honor of experiencing a PRP treatment, or facial rejuvenation using Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP). You may have heard of this on TV as a Vampire Face Lift.  I have to be honest ā€” I was a non-believer ā€” BUT not anymore!  I love my

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My Road to Botox

By Heather Despard | February 12, 2016

Often as I am in the spa getting ready with a client, we have gone over their history and concerns.  Iā€™m getting ready to give someone Botox, and the story comes out.  Almost like a justification for being there.

My story is no different than yours, and comical at the very least. Comical at my expense that is!

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5 Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

By Natasha Burton | 2 years ago


We all feel the same here in Colorado, dry itchy skin.  In the winter, it only gets worse!  Besides filling a bathtub full of lotion and soaking in it for hours.. What can we do? You do not have to resign yourself to cracked heels and an itchy back.  A simple solution can be to tweak your diet a little to add foods that will

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7 Foods That Clear Your Complexion

By Natasha Burton | 2 years ago


We all struggle occasionally with acne.  While we can help you with a skin regimen and provide you with products to keep your face acne-free, you can really help your skin from the inside out through your diet.  What you put into your body truly does reflect how it looks on the outside.

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