My Road to Botox

By Heather Despard | February 12, 2016

Often as I am in the spa getting ready with a client, we have gone over their history and concerns.  I’m getting ready to give someone Botox, and the story comes out.  Almost like a justification for being there.

My story is no different than yours, and comical at the very least. Comical at my expense that is!

I started to get Botox when I was 43.  The reason I got it was so stupidly vain!  I had a friend that decided to set me up on a date with this older gentleman.  He was 55, so that made him 11 years older.... but visibly he was way older.

We met at Starbucks and he actually splurged for a tall latte! I was one lucky girl.  For two hours he discussed his issues and his dating experiences. I went through an interrogation process that included everything from my marriage, my dating experiences to explaining, “how the ocean speaks to my soul”.  Seriously?  I just love the sounds of the waves, the feeling of the humidity on my hair and skin. My soul? UGH!  I seriously had to stop after this date and buy Advil because my brain was throbbing. I knew when I left Starbucks that afternoon that there was no way in hades that I would ever date this man. EVER!  Two weeks later, I met my friend to go for a walk. During this walk, she asked me about the date. I told her about the soul-searching talk and we laughed and laughed. Then she dropped the bomb! “Well he likes younger women anyways”.  What the?  Eleven years younger is not enough? Come to find out that this man has girlie issues, not my problem!

This set off a trigger of emotions in my mind. Even though I did not want to date him — who the heck was he to reject me? (And here is my crazy and maybe some daddy issues) I knew that I was marketable, I am educated, independent, I own my own home, I have a great job and I am not crazy — well not always!  I know that I am older, but I also know that I do not look my age.  I did notice fine lines around my eyes and forehead, so I went in and asked to have Botox on my "11’s."  I thought this would be enough.  Two weeks later I was back asking for more, I did my crows feet.  Eventually I went back and had some placed in my forehead.  Six weeks later… wrinkle free!  I never looked like I had something done, I just looked refreshed.  My face was not frozen or emotionless, it was just enough of a change for me to feel more confident in my own skin. Now I am hooked!  I'm fine with being 45, I have no issues with that — I just want to look an amazing 45!

This is my goal with you!   I want to hear your story, and I want to help you age confidently. To make you feel more confident is my goal and it is my driving force. For more information on Botox or dermal fillers, call me and we can discuss it in more detail!  I can’t wait to hear from you!



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