5 Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

By Natasha Buron | 2 years ago


We all feel the same here in Colorado, dry itchy skin.  In the winter, it only gets worse!  Besides filling a bathtub full of lotion and soaking in it for hours.. What can we do? You do not have to resign yourself to cracked heels and an itchy back.  A simple solution can be to tweak your diet a little to add foods that will help your skin to stay hydrated and give you a healthy glow.  Here are five foods to nourish your skin and keep it gorgeous!

1. Oatmeal:  when you make oatmeal, you use twice as much water as oatmeal itself.  Right?  This makes oatmeal water rich and in turn this will add moisture to your skin.  It is also an excellent source of manganese, which aids in the creation of protein including collagen (and as we age we need all the collagen that we can get!!).  Finally manganese helps protect skin cells from damage caused by free radicals.  I love overnight oatmeal…check it out on Pinterest.

2. Tuna:  Omega-3 fatty acids-DHA and EPA found in tuna and other oily fish help maintain cell membranes; these in turn protect the skin and keep it moist.  Additionally tuna and salmon are a source of B vitamin biotin.  In the winter, not getting enough biotin can contribute to scaly skin.

3. Spinach:  Packed with vitamin A, spinach is a skin strengthener.  Additionally it is filled with phytochemicals and foliates which hydrate your skin.  Popeye was onto something!

4. Avocado:  Who needs an excuse for guacamole? Here is the perfect one!!!  Avocados contain vitamins C, E and contain moisture-locked monounsaturated fats.

5. Oranges:  This is the perfect time of year for a juicy orange!  They are loaded with water and vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that works as an antioxidant to protect all the cells in the body-including skin cells-from those dang free radicals that can cause so much damage.  Another benefit is that Vitamin C creates more collagen, and collagen fills in those wrinkles!


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